Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Crossing over

So at ACMI, Australia Centre for the Moving Image we saw the Screens exhibition which basically goes through all the changes that have happened throughout multimedia, which is pretty amazing. It's interactive so there's lots to see and do and I really loved it.

There's this one room where a pattern it projected through a room full of smoke and it just looks incredible. It reminded me of some sort of beautiful zombie movie. On a sadder note, it was announced at my school yesterday that a boy in year 10 died yesterday, Monday the 9th of August when a state wide curriculum day was announced. I can't help but play 'what if' in my head and cry at the waste of life. This boy wasn't even 16 yet and he's gone. In my opinion, he was a little bit beautiful and looked pretty healthy. Life isn't fair to take the good ones away from us.

"I don't know which way I'm supposed to spin, in this circle"
Big thanks to Jasmine for spinning around for me, isn't she a great sport?

This video is the good zombie-esque video in which there is no interruption from my classmates. If it happened twice I do believe I would garrote a certain someone.

In this video you can hear my very intelligent classmates in which another video is ruined by their incessant chatter and generally stupidity. And a special thank you to E. no one for wrecking it with your horrible voice for which I hate for you.

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