Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weeping Angels

I looked with a mixture of fascination and horror as the bus driver directed our attention to an interesting piece of architecture. There they were; two rectangular stone columns adorned on each corner by women in Grecian dresses their faces down hiding. Their hair in neatly tied buns, they instantly reminded me of the Doctor Who monsters, the weeping angels who hide their faces. They are stone, but only when you look at them. If you look away then... you may as well be dead too. Did you know the image of an angel, is in fact an angel?
The foggy of the windows of the bus only heightened my agitation but also created a nice scary effect to the building in the warm Winter sun.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

No pain, no gain

Was planning on bringing out these babies for a little photo shoot in my room and since I freed up a lot of space by cleaning my room I now have a fairly neutral backdrop which I can use in conjunction with my tripod! I broke the smalled 15cm high one I was using before for about the third time and it looks as if it's not worth trying to salvage it again so the shots are a little wonky since I had to rest the camera on top of the broken tripod while balancing myself in these cat print silk pumps a la Miu Miu 2010 style. They are by far a lot cheaper than the real thing but too small for my feet to properly wear. I have to wait till I get so old that I start shrinking before I can wear them :(
Hurt a fair bit but I have been dying to use these in a shoot conducted by myself, if I can find my frilly socks then I may do a second one with a different camera or in a different set up to see if I improve.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July

One of my favourite memories of secondary school will be the Christmas in July Year 12 Day. It was just so much fun to mess around and all the costumes everyone had on we're amazing. I was on the committee for it and along with my friends and peers we managed to make more than 250 disposable cups worth of jelly and about 200+ lolly bags for the entire year level to enjoy. There was also a massive group photograph taken during recess and musical chairs to Christmas carols at lunchtime. The year 12 lockers were decorated with paper snowflakes on white feathery yarn, fairy lights wrapped around the hand rails and tinsel running from one side of the hall to the other.

There were Christmas trees, Santa's, elves (including Buddy the Elf), a Snowman, presents wrapped up festively, reindeer, Jesus, the Three Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, as well as gingerbread men and women.

I was really impressed by the ingenuity of my fellow peers; there were paper mache snowmen bottoms with little top hats attached to headbands, people wrapped in working fairy lights as well as candy cane people, baubles and stars which adorned people's heads and tinsel galore. I found it really funny sitting next to my friend Lucy who was dressed as a Christmas Tree complaining that her balls were getting in the way of sitting down.

I myself was dressed as a giant pudding, (photos aren't up and weren't taken to the day after) which I had gotten very used to taking on and off at the start and end of each class I had. I didn't dare bring in the costume into chemistry although my Black Milk leggings did catch the eye of my teacher commenting that 'they are the strangest pants' he'd ever seen. I'm glad I was able to make people so envious of my bubbly attitude, fooling around with my fake digital SLR and Film Minolta camera as well as jelly serving skills. We were terrified that we'd have some left over and we'd need to leave it sitting around the kitchen areas so the horrible shit head Year 10's would eat it and take it off our hands. It was one of the smaller events that you could become a member on a committee for but it still took a lot of work since we had only three people to help organise food and needed to take a few periods off to get everything together and get the help of our friends. We made a little factory assembly line of cutting cellophane, placing lollies on the cut pieces, tying up the bags and then curling the ribbon. It worked out really well and I felt so thankful that we had a large group of friends to help us out with it :)

I wish the group photograph had come out a little better, but my camera was the best one available (surprise, surprise) and no one else had prepared a better photograph or Mr Tan who is a teacher at our school and organised our formal photographs this year. Perhaps the people who were meant to be organising the events of the day should have taken charge of that rather than thinking of the ludicrous plot to have the entire year level involved in a game of musical chairs.

The feeling in the air for every costume day we have is static, and I feel really sad that there are only two left really not including the end of year celebration that is muck-up day and the Year 12 concert. I think I'll be a mermaid rather than buy a Bowser monster (super Mario Bros.) suit from China since it's just too much hassle.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A View from the Bridge

At the risk of getting sued by Arthur Miller's descendants (I have read his screenplay A View from the Bridge for class during Literature) I create this post under the same title as his opus. Photographs taken while I walked across the Golden Gate Bridge in January 2011, I hope I can return to America again or at least go on holiday and take more photographs next year when I have more money.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I collect Cameras

Went to the city with my mother on Saturday and checked out Zara. When we waited outside the queue with the velvet ropes seemed a bit much but even with the expansive floorspace it looked as if they needed to control the amount of people that went in and out. Mother says her colleagues called it an expensive Supre but the quality did blow me away (as did the price tags, ouch). I was a little annoyed that they had copied Prada S/S 2011 so blatantly borrowing the bright colour scheme of orange, pink blue and green as well as horizontal stripes but I bought a stripey green and black top and mum got black blouse with white polka dots. I love my new top, makes me feel like the Wicked Witch of the West and looks really good with black jeans. Can't wait to wear it around my boyfriend.

I felt a little bored so I brought my cameras out to play using the blouse as a background including my new Polaroid Barbie camera which I have yet to test considering the cost of the new Impossible Project 600 film and the fact I have almost 500 photographs to print at Harvey Norman while they still have 9 c prints on offer. Really should begin to use my Diana cameras more, rather than just admire they way they look.