Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vignette Canon A1 Film

Some of the photographs when they were developed look worse than the scanned film that I did up on the weekend but I have no idea what happened to the blue colour leak photograph at the bottom of this post since I haven't used a colour flash on this roll of film. Everything is a little vague and blurry but I love the photograph of my first Cocoa rabbit reaching up for a dandelion, the red balloon tangled in the haunted and bare branches of a tree in winter, the butterfly resting on a bed of blades of grass, my cameras sitting in a drawer at my desk at home, the roses at the very back of my yard that grew so tall and heavy they broke away from their trellis and the yellow daisies in our front yard outside the front door. Their all photographs of ordinary household things that mean a lot to me, but I think I should branch out and use a higher ISO film, the flash unit and have something exciting to photograph next.

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