Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hiding behind a mask of vinyl

Was playing around with the vinyls my dad owns that I had collected around the house to take some pictures. I think I picked out maybe fifteen or twenty from the lounge room alone and still haven't properly checked out the goodies that are up in the overhead closet but since it did take me a while just to set up these photographs right and I only managed to get three album covers I am going to need more practice. I have come to the conclusion that life for me would be a lot easier if I had a twin; that way I could take photos and she could model and we'd both be referees and share clothes...I'm having a lot of problems lining up the face on the vinyl so it fits my shoulders and neck position. But on the second try I got Frank Zappa to line up with my neck and I nailed it and it is my favourite photo from this set. Love my long black nails and my new Zara blouse which is ripping Prada off blind.

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