Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Under the Sea

Test run of my new Fujifilm S1800 as I worked out all the new controls, no manual. Simply because I am far too lazy to read it and I prefer a hands on approach more. Images are sharp, the zoom is in good nick and I feel better getting a camera with good resolution and not a ridiculous zoom. I could have opted for a camera with X12 more the optical zoom and less 2 mega-pixels of resolution. I made a good call for once.
The most strange species in all the aquarium: I present the human race.

Bow to the emperor nautilus.

No accusations;
Just friendly crustaceans


Like an angel with a sting.

Mexican stalking fish. Look at its face, its a creep and a lurker I'm telling you.

Cute children and an ugly fish makes for an interesting love affair.

Coral and Marlyn perhaps? My boyfriend who accompanied me, heard one little boy say the word Nemo four times near this particular tank. It may well have been more from other people since I said it about five times as well.

Lionfish to the power of two.

And the dancing was just sublime.

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