Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yeah guys I've got a new blog and this one is going to focus a bit more on photography. The thing that inspired this was a lovely bouquet my best friend hand picked and made me yesterday and I took a few photographs posing with it in my room and they turned out pretty good. The camera collection for me is at 3 and I hope it continues. Got some golden oldies that I'll throw into the mix occasionally as well as the new ones I'll take every now and then. This one won't be filled with copious blocks of writing excluding this introduction.

I guess the other thing that inspired me was blogs such as Style Bubble by Susie Bubble, Style Rookie by Tavi Gevinson, Brooke Kao of the Fashion Void that is DC and They've all got really good concepts guys I suggest you check them out. Anyway here are last nights photos taken at about 12am after I came home from work and had a shower. These are the moments that started it all.

The namesake photo is my plucking at the petals and I wanted to name this 'He Loves Me Not' and have the URL match as well but someone already snatched it up. Shame that. Anyway, carry on.

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