Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Special K

So last year was the fated Central Australia trip undertaken by some of Year 10. My camera went bust so I've ripped some of my good friend Miss Madeleine K to show you guys. The weather was good, the company even better. We weren't allowed to climb Uluru on the day our tour was scheduled as it was too hot. We traveled from school at Vermont Secondary through South Australia and through the heartland in the Northern Territory. I think we had about 28 hours or something ridiculous on the way back on the coach that took us up. The trip all up was ridiculous, good and bad.

It tastes like... red dirt.

The great divide between states!

Napping on the bus, the best way to spend your time other than counting aeroplan and llamas

We live in the magical world of FOUR-EKS.

I'll treasure this picture always

Dylan works his magic on the bus

Oh yeah, the water makes people throw up. Didn't stop me though!

Show some skin on the grass outside the School of the Air

Jump around

We were amazed that this actually worked in our horrible little room in Adelaide or as I like to call it, BADELAIDE!

Catherine and I, you know, just sitting on the roof of a car as you do.

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