Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black and Gold

She stole my name and Sam Sparro's tune but luckily I'm not the jealous kind. No hard feelings, aye? I first heard this song when I roamed around the basement of Myer in Melbourne and had trouble recognising it at first because it was so well done but so utterly and absolutely different! I am now grappling with myself on whether I should perform "I Miss You" by Blink182 for my year twelve concert or this sweet rendition of "Black and Gold". Oh well, I have to make my decision at least a year away so there is plenty of time to come to the right decision.

Like my camera? It's a Gold Diana camera to mark the 7th Lomography World Congress held in London, 2007!

The Gold Diana was the official 7th Lomography World Congress 2007 camera. After taking a 30 year production vacation, Diana was back in the medium-format game. The first of the "new" Dianas, ..."all the things that made the Diana great have been left in tact, she has simply been revamped and sexed-up with a host new features. Yeah, like what? For starters...a dapper pinhole feature, a choice of 12 or 16 shots from a single film, the possibility to capture a 360 degree panorama… And especially for the Congress, the Diana appears as a shimmering vision in Gold lacquer. Embossed with a funky, London-inspired illustration, the Gold Diana is a real collector’s item.
Only a very small number of these Golden Dianas have been produced to mark this prestigious event in LOMO history. So get your hands on a bit of LOMO gold-dust!

Lucky me got it for $81 including postage and handling. Why anyone would pay to have something handled when they can do that themselves, I have no idea.

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