Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"So I only had a few chips"

The lunch we had broke the fast many of my friends underwent for the annual "40 Hour Famine"; Clare and I may have lied to her boyfriend telling him she had a small salad to wind him up. It didn't work, he was being supportive and nice about it and ruined our fun. Too bad, So sad. Hence the title, "I only had a few chips".

Alright everyone, DIG IN.

Like the many tubs to pasta Maddy later had for dinner that night? Yeah, me too. Me too.

Presents time, and if I may quote Shrek
"My one's the biggest because I love you the most"
- One of Princess Fiona's twit friends.

Strawberry sweetcake, with chocolate and sponge filling

I love the colours for this one.

Gorgeous Maddie's Birthday back on the 18th of August and we had luncheon at Sofia's the Sunday :) Omnomnom awesome gelati and buckets of pasta!

The girls, taken by Maddy's father, Roc ace photographer and master of compositions.

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