Saturday, September 11, 2010

Salt Rock N' Roll

So as of late I have had the sudden craving to wear raw crystals, many layered silver necklaces and as many of my rings as possible. I'm so glad I found the Salt Rock USB light my good friend Catherine gave me nearly a year ago for my birthday. I want the wifi to extend to my room, talk to my boyfriend under my dona and have this baby set up. And fairly lights. Spangly, over the top fairy lights.

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Closet Obsessions
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  1. this is fantastic!! i LOVE IT!! i have a dinosaur egg shell shaped lamp and I think it may need a friend hehehe.... where did your friend get it from??

    thank you for tagging me :)

    x Your Only Blackswan

  2. not a problem!
    I have no idea, maybe something like tree of life or one of those organic shops :)

    and not a problem, your work and posts are fantastic