Friday, October 22, 2010

Life's no Picnic

The haul, a pretty good effort for four people I would say.

I dunno what Elise is doing, Catherine is checking out people dancing or something, I'm wrapped in a Cape and Jess is pulling up her pants. We are cool people and you need to recognize that and why.

My pine cones :D
I use them to hit my friends for several frenzied minutes. It's good fun, I highly recommend you try it sometime.

She stole my hat :(

Fountain, self-timer and a bench.


Oh wait... yeah it is when you're seventeen and it's the school holidays. Then it is a lot like a picnic. Or Wizard's Chess. I dunno I get the two confused quite frequently. They are both very extraordinarily peaceful and tranquil. Totally nonviolent and not barbaric.

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