Sunday, October 3, 2010

One month later...

So exactly a month later from the best night of my life and I am finally putting up the few meager photos I snapped from the debutant ball. I look at it this way, I can either take photos of other people having a good time and not have one myself, or I can leave the camera alone on the table and spend the night dancing with my boyfriend.

I'm as happy as can be

The guy with the candle in his head; well with the candle in the top part of his brain, his name is Hamish and I adore him.

This, is a quite very blurry picture, but to be fair to me and in all honesty they were dancing to thriller, not exact move for move but they were dancing to thriller and moving around a fair bit.

The one in the middle of the frame is the one I'll always be proud to call my boyfriend :)

Hair, a little messy but still in its tight braid after a full session of dancing, not to mention having to be curled, hair sprayed, braided then hair sprayed again. I think my hair hates me for that.

I went for option two and it was well worth it. 3rd of September 2010 was a simply grand night.

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