Sunday, November 28, 2010

It was the very last time that we said goodbye to the beach

With the year 12's gone, the year 11's at VSC need something to make them stand out from all the other years levels. Something that says:

"Because here at Globo Gym... We're better than you... and we know it!"

Well maybe not those words exactly but something to impress our superiority upon the young-ins! How about a free dress day, but instead of paying for it they give you an icy pole? Deal. This was a month ago, you know how I am with posting things on the relevant day. TERRIBLE.

Just casually writing my Indonesian essay in class. This is what my hand writing looks like when I haven't written my usual eight pages the day before and I take my time to be neat and tidy.

I got lei-ed, you can tell how happy I am too.

Sonia's pink floaties. We are all terribly afraid of drowning sitting in class.

Catherine gnawing on a muffin and dancing too. Oh lord does she look out of place sitting on the school football oval.

Year 11's Beach theme day! Normal classes, but beach themed attire and shanningans, such as volleyball in the gym.

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