Monday, November 15, 2010

We've been left to carry the torch

The Year 12's left my school a month ago, and man; did they leave in STYLE!
True, there were minimal pranks except for pulling out all the younger kids out of class because they are horrible bludgers and can't handle how to perform simple fractions and practical in cooking and making scones BUT that is not the point.

Pac Man just wakka wakka wakka-ing that poor girl standing conveniently behind the open mouth. Maybe not the best place to be standing.

Perfecr posing.

The cohort known to VSC as the Year 12's of 2010.

Smooth moves.

Alejandro sung to the junior school.

One of our lovely and musically talented hosts, Nick.

Those rings are for gymnastics and I swear that is their only use.

Jess just casually getting attacked by a dinosaur. As you do.


Did you know the image of an angel, is in fact an angel?
*insert high picthed scream here*

ME inside the chicken costume. The head was quite light.

From left to right: Myself, Jasmine's cousin in a chicken costume, Catherine and Maddie.
Do it for the chicks.

Crayola crayons just enjoying a casual snack.

Mr Squiggle, and yeah there was also a pencil nose. What a winner.

Within the transformed gym, which becomes for one special day in October an arena of music, dance and comedy :)

Busting out the siq moves.

Saxy ;)

Sax-a-ma-phooooone! X)

Dancing a la Michael Jackson style... with the Joker face paint on.

Alejandro by Lady Gaga sung by Sian McD and backing her up Laura S. Sounded absolutely amazing, wish I had memory for a video to show you guys!

Nick A singing 'Your the Voice', I had an Australian overload. This guy is a top bloke.

A Wiggles appropriation. Hot potatoe I do believe.

Dancing of some sort.

You know, I never really ever did like the school uniform that much.

The Year 12 rock band playing some Sonata Artica.

Check out that power stance.
'For those about to rock, we salute you.' -School of Rock.

Serenading a gym full of students with the Goo Goo Dolls' 'Iris', the Performing Arts Captain for the noble house of Macedon, Miss Laura S.

We call oiling up the boys and having them flex their muscles entertainment. It can only be a secondary school version of a muscle man contest and yes, we do consider this to be very entertaining stuff actually.

The annual 'Mr. Vermont' competition. Only for the eyes of the senior school however. ;)

Luke McG, the singing panda.

"Baby just say ...Yes."

That thing on the left? That's a guy. Singing Taylor Swift's 'Love Story' to his lover on the left.
A very uncomfortable 3-4 minutes of my life spent sitting in the gym.

Down at VSC we throw a massive concert to celebrate the talents of the year level and I quite honestly think that the concert this year was the best I've ever seen. Now I'm scared for next year as we have no funny people in our year level and few musicians. The bar has been raised rather high I am afraid.

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