Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mirror Mirror

These were the pictures of my formal dress as a trial run teamed up with my killer suede stiletto boots... If I had really bothered I would have set this up properly with a better composition and used a tripod rather than the cheesy mirror shot, but what would I know about photography? After all, I'm just a useless teen that doesn't know anything about art, I'm ignorant and also uncultured. What Would I Know About Anything. Sometimes my peers piss me off so badly I'm ashamed at myself to know them.

I'm pondering what I should wear to my boyfriend's Debutante Ball. The same shoes? I have been threatened with the fact that I will have to dance, just as a guest though. I still need practice in them and I already wore them out of the house. I certainly won't have my hair the same way that's for sure, wasn't quite as I wanted it to be.

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