Sunday, July 25, 2010

My beautiful girl

Her smile looks absolutely drop dead gorgeous in this one :)

The red spot on the card is where you put your tongue... it doesn't work.

Psyching herself up for the mammoth proportions that only Sofia's can dish out.

Sneaky shot through the serviette!

She's thinking how it used to be Smorgy's and how the tree used to sing to her, lol.

And I do quote, "Oh my god, it's Jesus in the tablecloth".

Jesus then got reduced to 1X head, his left arm and his right leg. Way to go Lucy.

Twinkle twinkle.

Yes... all the candles have been blown out.

Too bad they re-light themselves. No wish for you Jess.

Last night, Saturday night I spent at the basketball stadium with my lovely boyfriend then I hopped over to Sofia's to celebrate the 17th of my beautiful friend Jess. Here are the happy snaps, I maybe have gotten so bored I used a napkin to take photos... which failed miserably.

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