Wednesday, December 1, 2010

'Tis the Season

It is, the long awaited and much anticipated month of DECEMBER.
I don't see what people enjoy about it, particularly in Australia other than the facts we have no school and we have Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year's all within about the space of a week.

Christmas decorations are up and my friends sort of had our Christmas get-together that's like Christmas lunch but usually in late November.

They're like my family, but a little cooler.

I'd like to thank Jess' mum for taking this one, so I could actually be in one of the photographs with all my lovely friends :)

That's a whopper bon-bon.

Oh by the way, this is my first post in a long time that was not destined to actually appear on the blog a few weeks later! I changed the name and url, and in the process lost my monetize stats :(

All in the name of progress ey? It's a bit more relative to what I've been doing lately and it was rather ironic that I called my blog 'He Loves Thee Not' when my boyfriend is nothing but loving and affectionate towards me. Good times for a change.

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