Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toxic Flush

All the photos I had stored away on my Hard Drive are gone, the old computer has gone either to heaven or to hell and refuses to start up. All my lovely photographs which I wanted to draw are gone too and I am all in all in a pretty shit mood. Technology is just wonderful sometimes isn't it?

Thankfully two new cameras arrived two days ago, my days as a Christmas casual for Chanel are over and now the stress of having to pack for my 20 day trip to America and the rush to finish my Literature and Chemistry homework may begin.

Life just keeps on finding new ways to delight and enthrall me.
Here's my desk, showing off the immaculate detail of my new 12 mega-pixel camera and also my appalling aversion of wanting to do any cleaning. It actually was clear a few weeks ago, and then it just got engulfed in more paper and mugs and stuff.

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