Friday, April 1, 2011

Is Lisa at camp Granada?

Hiding behind a cage of glow sticks casually wearing a Chip n Dale hat from Disneyland in the middle of nowhere.


No but early this year after returning from America and my luxury hotels I went on year 12 camp which involved goal setting, talking about how serious this year will be but how it can't ruin your life and blah blah blah...

Our room was horrible, too hot, smelly, repressive, dirty and just bad. But it was the best way for our friends to stay together and not get broken up too much and avoid certain people in our year level who are losers and exaggerate and won't stop talking about their family doctor...
We made a fort out of blankets and ate heaps of lollies and junk we brought but the camp food wasn't actually too bad and we caught up and it was fun. We were armed with glow sticks too.
My blanket had a cigarette hole burnt through it. Rawson is obviously a classy place.

We had a bunch of dancing people come in and we all had a dancing sort of session in their shit hole of a basketball stadium. (I would know what a good basketball stadium is and isn't since I work as a referee and have been for at least two years).

It was funny when the dancers introduced themselves and said 'Melbourne' like it was a really far away magical amazing place. All I wanted to yell was "We aren't the locals you cunts. We're civilised and from Melbourne too."
Alas, I did not shout such a statement.

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