Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love Diana

Smiling is obviously not my forte after being in isolation away from my school friends for a week and hanging around the house alone with exception to my family members. All I need is fifteen cats and then my crazy expression will reflect an insane state of mind and the angst of a lonely hermit perhaps.

Fail attempt at being a little bit saucy and seductive. I just look hungry and that I finally decided to eat my own lip. It's either that, or the result of botched surgery that has reduced my lip. Damn.

Favourite picture of the new happy couple in pink; All the finer details are in focus, you can see all the grainy texture of the body of the camera and the bright infectiously happy fluorescent pink of the camera and a foggy lens as well as viewfinder.

Lomography vision-
I look like such a steampunk right here, but ever since I bid on Mr Pink Diana F+ I have wanted to place the two lenses on my eyes. I actually like this shot despite the fact I had the camera propped on a tripod which i had set up myself and I just had to guess where to go and be still as possible to get the writing on each lense legible. I am proud of my lomography cameras a lot as you can probably tell by now.

Gorgeously feminine.

I don't look scared, or like I'm hiding in this shot. My brown eyes kind of just convey a sense of myserty "who is this girl?". Least I'd like to think so. Hides my nose too which is always good in my opinion.

Om nom nom.

Shooting blanks.

First kiss. I love lomography cameras, they're well designed and lightweight and look amazing. Bright and fun but durable enough for a few of life's little mistakes. They are delicate though and intricate when you look on the inside and remove the lens so be careful with her, it's a little easy to break her heart... or him if you are the lucky owner of a Mr Pink then him.

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