Sunday, May 8, 2011

Good Will Hunting

I do confess that I have not visited the museum of my city in a number of years... the last being an instance in which I was either in primary school or in my early years of Secondary school.

I have been doing too much Literature homework today, and it shows. I can't exactly remember if I was at the museum in Year 7 or 8 because at the time I was depressed. I suppressed a lot of memories in circumstances where I should have been happy and excited. Instead I felt lonely and isolate because I had no friends.

Wah-wah sob story. I went for a date with my boyfriend last holidays to the museum and they changed the layout since I last went. I was a little upset that they shrunk the dinosaur exhibition and integrated it into the other displays in the museum such as the insects and marine exhibitions but the taxidermy section is a marvel. I couldn't help myself and had to shoot what I could subtly. I also took a few shots on my Diana Mini which I had around my neck but I'll have to finish the roll first and wait and see what they develop into.
Hugging your boyfriend with a camera around your neck is difficult, which leads me to the assumption that photographers are usually lonely people who generally don't enjoy human contact.

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