Monday, May 2, 2011

Josh Thomas

Walked down about six or seven ailes to reach my row from the top of the Melbourne Playhouse and already I was impressed just be the large stage presence of the decor, four large hedge letters. Maybe it's to make up for the dare I say, little confidence Josh Thomas seems to have as a comedian which is sort of his gimmick thing and works well for him since he does have the baby face to pull it off.

17th of April was the 17th birthday of my good friend Jasmine and to mark the occasions two of my other friends and her went to see Josh Thomas perform live comedy as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival which happens each year and for a few years now my friends have always decided which comedian we would see but never had the organisational skills to pull it all together. I am very glad this year that we finally got our shit together and saw a comedian and had a great night out in the city.

Catherine taking a photograph using her iPhone, she's the one who organised and bought our tickets so I suppose I am going to have to thank her for the wonderful comic experience. She's a basketball referee like me and I chucked in my old shift so that life for her would be a little bit easier. We compete and see who can have the best watch tanline. I am always more naturally tan than she is but she wears a watch more than I do so she beats me every time.

It was entertaining to hear about his life and I really did like how he finished his show before we had 'question time'. Yes, you heard right. Josh said himself that comedian's usually close their act with a great piece of comedy or maybe some dancing or song to leave a lasting impression of how good they are at entertainment but instead he pointed out the above and let the audience take the reign. It was interesting but most of the audience was too scared to ask anything like me so there were some stupid questions asked as well as awkward silences which isn't what I would have liked to pay for.

I think the best thing about comedians is that they have the 'permission' to talk about taboo subjects as well as swear casually and everyone thinks it's fine and acceptable because they are in the mood to be entertained and laugh. If the audience was in a crap mood or something or each members thoughts were elsewhere I'm guessing a great many comedic acts would flop.

There was however one little lement I had about the show. Two years ago I got some Josh Thomas podcasts over iTunes and listened to them so much that I can still pretty much go over most of what it was about... and some of the material in one of those podcasts was recycled in his show. Pretty lazy writing. Just the one little complaint I had really just that it was boring to hear someone tell exactly the same joke in the same tone of voice just a few metres from you.

Melbourne at night lights up! All my friends as well as I had never been into the city so late at night especially on a Sunday night to enjoy the bright lights, advertisements contrasted against an inky black starless sky. No clouds out but since the lights of the city pollute the light not a star could be seen. We were also surprised when there were Metro train ticket inspectors doing an in uniform blitz of commuters.
And they fined lots of people too, excluding present company of course. I would have to be pretty dumb to be fined by the same body of inspectors twice.

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