Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fish Vision

Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel, the best and by far meanest amusement park rides I have ever been and will ever go on in my entire life. I have made every ride in my state of Victoria in Australia look like a children's ride and tame as a pet bunny.

Los Angeles down at Mission Beach I think it was... or a beach close to where I was being hosted whilst on exchange in California earl 2011.

Picturesque scenes from around San Diego I do believe.

Natural History Museum exterior.

Balboa Park, next to San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo, what my host family regarded as the best zoo in the world and I do have to admit it is much nicer than any of the three big zoos we have back in Melbourne and the double decker bus tour made take photographs of the animals much easier too :)

Knott's Berry Farm's Ghost rider, their original rollercoaster. Rickety and made of wood, when the entire group was told they all had to go on it they automatically assumed the teachers were trying to kill them.

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