Sunday, August 21, 2011

Butterfly Effect

The best parts of the Melbourne Zoo to hide in when the whether becomes cold and wet and horrible is either the Butterfly House or the Reptile Enclosures. A lot of people tend to prefer the butterflies though because the humid temperatures are a little higher than the heat from the lamps used to make the cold blooded reptiles a little more lively. Also the elephant and orangutan enclosures have been revamped so there is a greater focus on Asian animals. Some of my favourite photographs were taken inside the butterfly house on my zoo trip with my boyfriend but I didn't end up taking that many since the whole place was so crowded and the butterflies weren't landing on anyone really. I sort of laughed to myself watching a little girl sneakily push her hand towards the edges of leaves where butterflies sat. And I felt sad seeing the beautiful insects with torn wings, wrecked from callous and disrespectful zoo patrons. They only have a week to live and people destroy the beauty of their wings. It's such a shame.

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