Saturday, August 6, 2011

Holga CMY

The Holga CMY; what I consider to be one of the holy grails of my collection though there are a few. I only ever saw this beautiful piece of plastic go up on eBay for purchase once and I made sure I seized the opportunity. Including postage it cost my less for the Holga CMY starter kit than the Holga starter kit in black at the Australian online store Lofico. Felt a massive sense of achievement and relief when it came to my door, I love everything about this camera, my new girlfriend the Holga. Bright amazing colours, lightweight body and simplistic controls. Cheap plastic leans and a little light strap to hold her up. Soft body that feels good to have when you're travelling a real good camera. I haven't taken her for a test drive yet even though I had the chance to but I want to put her to the test when the weather is better and there's more sunlight out. I want to see something really special when I develop those first rolls of film with her.

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