Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish out of water (Girls out of water)

A few weeks ago was my friend Jess' 18th Birthday so she took a bunch of the girls down to a Rye to enjoy the warmth of the natural springs and have a good soak. The only problem was that at the time it was Winter so it was fine once we had plunked ourselves down into the soothing warm water but if we wanted to move in search of a better spot to soak then we had to endure the stings of a Winter breeze and watch the steam our off of our bodies as we walked with our arms crossed across our bodies; hugging ourselves for warmth. It was a relaxing day and I felt sleepy until two days afterwards and it was also nice to see her quaint little holiday house decorated with family pictures collage into one massive heaps on the walls. I also feel welcomed and relaxed by homely things - what does that say about my own home life really though? I always love to take a picture of the cake with the candles as well as all my beautiful friends.

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