Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wicked Witch of the West

Playing around wearing my Zara top and a party hat from a bonbon left over on the ground neatly folded up from the Year 12 costume day Christmas in July. I always seem to have a weird fascination with the party hats and their portrayal in variations. In Harry Potter the wizard bonbons provide even better hats than the paper thing crepe ones we Muggles get. I also think there was a touching scene in which The Doctor (Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010) spends the eve of Christmas with Abigail Pettigrew family and they all have their hats on and are breaking bonbons and look very merry; the perfect postcard snapshot of a family Christmas. With a dapper 900- something year old alien who wears a bow tie. Point of all this weird science fiction trivia about paper crown hats is that I really like them and pay close attention to their appearance in television specials and when they are on the ground. On day I'm just going to buy a box of fourteen bonbons all for myself and collect the hats and jokes and turn them into bunting somehow. I'm not sure how that would all work together but I can make it work.

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