Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wombat Stew

Wombats taking shelter from a Melbourne day full of on-off rain and wind. They all looked so cute snuggled up together underground in their burrow, not that the sand and ground looks very comfortable but at least it's dry! My boyfriend played the role of my photography spotter, pinching my arm and pointing out interesting things for me to shoot. What a sweetheart. I did take some nice photographs of the wombats here but I missed the one on the far left rolling over and scratching itself and the flash gives a very different colour of the fur of the wombats compared to those taken without the flash. I always have a lot of fun with him when we go out to tourist places and I get to bring my camera along and he doesn't mind. What a shame he doesn't like to be a show pony and pose for me.

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