Sunday, September 18, 2011


I was absolutely thrilled when I went to the Melbourne Zoo with my boyfriend- it was my choice of location for the date as a way to make up for being an hour late for the last date. I don't make a very good girlfriend sometimes though; if there's a camera around my neck I'm asking him to open up sealed bags of 120mm slide film that I can't manage and I generally ignore him until a.) I run out of film using an analogue camera and b.) the batteries on my digital camera give out on me. 
He's lovely though and manages to put up with me when I'm being a pain in the butt, as a good boyfriend should be. These photographs are from our mosey around the native Australian animal exhibits so there were lots of kangaroos and emus. 
Another wonderful thing my boyfriend does when he's with my and I have the camera around my neck is that he will gently tap on my shoulder and point in front of my nose- I nearly missed a great big brown kangaroo that was right behind us and casually hopped past and under the fence. You can see the arm of my boyfriend in the photograph with no zoom, it was that close to us. He was worried that it would take an interest to our bags since we had brought food from home that we had made in the kitchen with us. The kangaroo didn't seem very interested though, he was really laid-back. There were kangaroos of all shapes and sizes there, even some little grey coloured joeys were out and about. Although there wasn't a lot of sunlight for them to enjoy and bask in.

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