Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is what dreams are made of

Last year my ex-hippie and eccentric Literature who my class suspects of once coming to teach us young impressionable youths while under the influence of some illicit drug (and who might have forgotten to teach us a few times due to this troubling problem as well) while lecturing us about Edwards Scissorhands gave us all this little gem of wisdom: Every village square, in every corner of the globe sees the life of an actor on screen and aspires to have the life they lead and live glamorously and comfortably. Of course due to my memory mimicking that of a goldfish (I don't even remember what I did three days ago) and the fact that anytime she lectured our class on anything we had difficulties comprehending what she was saying and I am paraphrasing; she had a point. My short little tourist stint in Hollywood taught me three things: there are many eccentrics and weirdos in Hollywood, the people in costumes expect money and can get aggressive and that some of the most beautiful houses are in Hollywood.

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