Sunday, September 4, 2011


The only way that I can really give an accurate description of what Krustyland in Universal Studios was like in California would be to call it 'it's own self-contained universe'. Sort of a mesh between the the very new; flat screen televisions, pop culture references to Ghost Busters as well as that sort of The Simpsons movie style of cartoon characters. Combined also with the sort of 70's atmosphere I guess you could say feel of the giant clown mouth of Krusty himself (some sort of allusion to Luna Park back home in Melbourne perhaps?) and as you waited in line there were television screens with extracts of mainly old episodes that were amusement park related in short sporadic bursts. Itchy and Scratchy land episode being of of my favourites amongst them. I'm really glad I also captured that giant Krusty the clown head on disposable film and that it came out beautifully when processed.

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