Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Her Body's a Wonderland

I really shouldn't be allowed to have a camera in my room when I'm bored and getting sick of doing homework- all manner of strange photographs are produced. I fiddled with my compact digital and took close up photographs of my own eyes and mouth, paying particular attention to try and have my mouth agape and show my teeth in some sort of sexy and alluring way. I'm thankful that I didn't have some piece of broccoli or other vegetation caught between my teeth. Since I didn't bother using the DSLR I have they pictures are pretty bad quality and sort of grainy. But I really like the photograph where my mouth is open and you can see my teeth. If I think too hard about it or run my tongue across my front teeth too much they feel too sharp and wrong. You become too aware of yourself and feel self-conscious so you have to mentally shift your attention to another part of your body till that feels all wrong and you keep going till your mind moves on to something else to become preoccupied with.

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